So here it is – my first blog post. Writing does not come naturally to me, coding does. I love playing with numbers, codes and patterns. That’s why I did two maths A-levels, that’s why I studied Chemical Engineering, that’s why I worked in the City analysing and trading companies and that’s why I build websites. Words…mmm…words, not so easy but practice makes perfect. I love reading words, but writing to the world seems strange.

I know that I am not the only one who feels like this when they write their first (and later) posts, but taking the plunge is the first step. To be honest, no one will read your first post – apart from your family and friends, who will offer advice and nothing but support (hopefully!).

Now you’ve started, just keep going. Set a schedule, have a notebook to jot down ideas and have some back up ideas. If your creative juices are flowing one day write 6 posts, because guaranteed there will be days when you have writers block. Then store these posts for later and you can even set them to publish automatically whilst you are on holiday lying by the beach or in my case taking your toddler to the doctors with an expected case of tonsillitis on your workday.

It’s one giant leap……good luck and enjoy!

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