If you are reading this post, I am assuming you are not 100% happy with your website.

There are many reasons for a redesign; is the website looking tired, do you want to add some new additional functionality or are you not getting the hits you require?

Each of these scenarios requires a different solution.

When your website is looking tired compared to your competitors, then it is time to think of redesigning it. Is it consistent with your current branding? Is it mobile responsive? Is the content outdated? Have a good look at your competitors’ websites and note what you like and do not like about them. Think about how you would like your website to look now and what additions you may wish to make in the future – this will help your website designer ensure that the new solution can evolve with your business.

However, if you simply want to add functionality to your website, this does not necessarily require an overhaul of your existing website. Functionality and content can be added to websites piece by piece when you are ready. Contact your website designer and chat through your thoughts to find the optimal solution, they will advise you as to whether the website will need to be redesigned or if it simply requires a bit of tinkering.

If you are not getting the hits you were hoping for, it is time to look into the SEO. Is your site where you hoped it would be on a Google search? No. Are the keywords correct? Has your site been optimised for mobile devices and accessibility? Are you connected to your professional associations? Have you considered advertising? There is plenty that can be done to improve your search ranking.

I recently overhauled my website, I was not happy with the dated look of the website and the functionality that the Drupal website was providing.

Original Zoe Negus Web Design website

The first thing I did was switchover to WordPress which has come on leaps and bounds from when I first started designing. The user interface is much improved and the available plugins provide a myriad of options enabling you to create the website you wish. I kept my colour scheme and fonts as well as my imagery but I changed almost all of my content. I think it is much improved, but then again I would say that!

Zoe Negus Web Design


If you would like help with any of the above scenarios, please contact me at hello@zoeneguswebdesign.com

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