My Grand Prix Tea
My Grand Prix Tea is something that I have had at the back of my mind to write for years. With the children a little bit older and the business a bit more established I felt this F1 season was the time to take the plunge. I have a small back catalogue of recipes and I’m looking forward to learning some new ones as well as improving my photography skills.

My Grand Prix Tea is a food blog with a focus on simplicity, strong visuals,  category pages, with easily searchable recipes, recipe card print outs, and social media integration. The design is responsive, changing the layout to reflect the screen size, but keeping the images foremost. The contrasting white text panels and images were chosen to allow readers to select recipes that they are interested in based on the images that appealed to them. The short text next to the image provides a teaser to pull the reader in.

My Grand Prix Tea will also improve my web design skills, helping me keep on top of the latest blog trends and developments so that I can assist my clients better when creating and managing a blog.


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