The Pear Tree @ Greenland Place already had a functioning website however the team found it was failing them in two important ways. The first being that the website was not showing up in many searches and the second that updating the menu was something that required them to contact their web designer.

I took the original design and transferred it over to the WordPress Content Management System. This enabled the team to login and update their menu and any other content whenever they needed to.

The overall look and feel of the website was kept, however the pages were reorganised to put all of the salient information on the front page. The main page now contains information about the restaurant and the deli, testimonials, social media connections and an Instagram feed. The contact details, the restaurant location and opening hours are also prominently displayed at the top of the page. The menu page is now interactive rather than being a series of pdfs.

The website was made mobile friendly which is not only important for the customer experience, but also having a mobile friendly website increases your search ranking. In addition each individual page was optimized for the search engines.

The Pear Tree @ Greenland Place now has a fully functional website which is mobile friendly, SEO optimized and meets the business needs of the team behind it. I can highly recommend the food too – they fed me well!


The Pear Tree @ Greenland Place

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