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Having looked through Getting Started you should have an idea of what you are looking for. Next up:

Get in Touch

Email me at with an idea of what you are looking for and your contact details.

Free Consultation

I will get in touch with you to arrange a free consultation where we can discuss your requirements and develop a design brief.

Quote and options

I will come back to you with a quote and a number of options for your website.

Creation of your website

I will set up a development website which allows you to follow the progress of your website. As the design process is iterative, it is useful for you to review the website during the building process to give feedback, allowing any changes to be made to the design brief expediently which will save you time and money. When the website is finished, it will be transferred over to your hosting server to go live.

I take care of the rest

After your website has gone live, it will still need constant care and attention. I can tailor a security and maintenance package to suit your needs.