Leadership 361


Raluca Graebner in an executive coach and transformational facilitator. We designed the website to have two faces: a blog – Leadership 361 and Raluca’s leadership practice site.

Raluca Graebner

The Leadership 361 website branding was provided by Raluca and we worked together to create these two side by side sites. Raluca regularly updates her blog and launched her own Audible podcast series late last year. Home - Raluca Graebner - ralucagraebner.com

Zoe is an excellent web designer. I approached her with a complicated task, as I was looking to create two websites (one of them a blog), branded separately, but connected to each other and with seamless navigation in-between. Zoe is a true professional: she is responsive, organized, knows what she’s talking about technically, and has an eye for design. She was able to point me to excellent resources to help me choose the esthetic of my websites and to create a logo. Most importantly, she truly works in partnership: I appreciated how she listened and changed direction to suit my vision, and was incredibly fast in learning what I wanted and then just applying it across the board. I think I was a pretty picky client, trying to get to a nearly perfect outcome, and she delivered beautifully and with great patience. I highly recommend her.