I worked with Raluca to build a website to showcase her talents as a leadership consultant. We found a style that suited her and a designer who understood her vision to create a professional logo for her Leadership 361 blog.

Raluca wished to create the website (ralucagraebner.com) and a distinct and separately branded blog – Leadership 361.  This was to be built as one installation for ease of managing the website, but to use separate URLs for the posts and blog areas versus the website.

The project has a range of features from rotating headers, testimonial sliders, contact forms, a search function, social media integration and MailChimp sign-ups.

It was a pleasure to work on the project for Raluca who had a clear vision as to what she was looking for and it was great to see it come to life.

CustomerSuccessNetwork.org, is a community  for customer success managers across Europe. It started as a landing page with a sign up form collect early adopter interest in the community.

Once further member consultation was completed, we built a more comprehensive site. In addition to a more detailed landing page, we included integrations for events (Meetup and Eventbrite), job listings, blog site and community forum for registered members. Language translation was included across the site, to reflect the European nature of the users.

CustomerSuccessNetwork.org website went live in late November and is the go-to site for information regarding Customer Success in the region.

When Alex moved back to Australia she decided to take up blogging and so Lex on the Beach was born. From the sunny beach near Melbourne Alex shares her knowledge of local businesses and interests as well as posting so very beautiful pictures of the beach.

The new website focussed less on her presenting career in the UK and more on building a blog following, by posting regularly on her website and social media about interesting local activities. The website colour scheme and layout changed dramatically going with an image laden front page designed to be read on a mobile or tablet. The main content of the old website was rearranged and used as secondary content.

If you have a moment spend some time looking through how the other half live in the sun blessed world of Lex On The Beach.

Talent acquisition experts, Halliford Partners wished to improve their single screen one page HTML website and provide more information about their business. I worked with MichaelHDesign to bring his vision to life in a WordPress website.

The new one page website is split into 5 distinct sections giving clear information about Halliford Partners. The first area is the logo and strapline, then there is a summary about the company split into two sections: ‘What we do’, ‘Our track record’. The team are presented in the ‘Who we are’ section and clients can reach out to the team via the contact form in the final section. The ‘Who we are’ section provides a summary about each team member with an expandable dropdown to give more information.

Michael’s design is now a website with the WordPress CMS allowing the team to make changes as and when necessary. In the background the following have also been set up; website optimization, bespoke SEO, automated backups, increased security and monitoring.

The Pear Tree @ Greenland Place already had a functioning website however the team found it was failing them in two important ways. The first being that the website was not showing up in many searches and the second that updating the menu was something that required them to contact their web designer.

I took the original design and transferred it over to the WordPress Content Management System. This enabled the team to login and update their menu and any other content whenever they needed to.

The overall look and feel of the website was kept, however the pages were reorganised to put all of the salient information on the front page. The main page now contains information about the restaurant and the deli, testimonials, social media connections and an Instagram feed. The contact details, the restaurant location and opening hours are also prominently displayed at the top of the page. The menu page is now interactive rather than being a series of pdfs.

The website was made mobile friendly which is not only important for the customer experience, but also having a mobile friendly website increases your search ranking. In addition each individual page was optimized for the search engines.

The Pear Tree @ Greenland Place now has a fully functional website which is mobile friendly, SEO optimized and meets the business needs of the team behind it. I can highly recommend the food too – they fed me well!

After a successful year of food blogging with My Grand Prix Tea it was time for a redesign. Enough content had been created and I felt that the website would be better presented as a global recipe book so it was time for a new name – World Food Tour and a new look.

The new website is all about the recipes, they can be searched in many different ways, by ingredient, country, type of meal etc. The new layout displays the recipes more elegantly than the previous design with a scrolling area for favourite recipes and another section for highlighted recipes on the front page.

The recipe pages have some excellent features including scalable recipes, a timer and checking off each step when it is completed. Enjoy – I can recommend a lot of the recipes, after all I made them!

The Letter Box Study Group

The Letter Box Study Group were looking to update their website which was created at the end of the last century. The first phase of the project was to modernize the current website with the addition of some of their collection of images of letter boxes.

A design was created by Richard Coltman which was the basis for the new website. I took these sketches and created the new website using WordPress. The website has built on the information that the previous website had which has been reorganised into new sections. A number of photograph galleries have been added as well as a video from the BBC news, a membership renewal form and automated response, a contact form, a rotating A-Z of information about letter boxes and connections to the various social media the team uses.

The design needed to appeal to the demographic of The Letter Box Study Group members and have easy and intuitive navigation. In addition steps were taken to make the website as accessible as possible.

My Grand Prix Tea

My Grand Prix Tea is something that I have had at the back of my mind to write for years. With the children a little bit older and the business a bit more established I felt this F1 season was the time to take the plunge. I have a small back catalogue of recipes and I’m looking forward to learning some new ones as well as improving my photography skills.

My Grand Prix Tea is a food blog with a focus on simplicity, strong visuals, category pages, with easily searchable recipes, recipe card print outs, and social media integration. The design is responsive, changing the layout to reflect the screen size, but keeping the images foremost. The contrasting white text panels and images were chosen to allow readers to select recipes that they are interested in based on the images that appealed to them. The short text next to the image provides a teaser to pull the reader in.

My Grand Prix Tea will also improve my web design skills, helping me keep on top of the latest blog trends and developments so that I can assist my clients better when creating and managing a blog.

The London Nutritionist

Kate’s new venture The London Nutritionist is a blog enabling Kate to engage with a wider audience and share her ever increasing knowledge in supporting a range of conditions. Kate had a clear idea about the style and colour scheme for her website. A theme was selected and customized to use the blue and pink colour scheme and create circular images to tie in with ‘The London Nutritionist’ logo. The five different colours help the reader to distinguish between content, links, tags, social media easily. The mobile and desktop versions feature different headers to give the best look for the screen size.

Kate’s blog will evolve over time but it currently features; social media integration, an Instagram feed, posts automatically publishing to chosen platforms, a contact form, MailChimp sign up, a blog with category driven subpages and a featured posts slider to showcase the best posts.

County Wills

County Wills were looking to update the look of their website and streamline it. The content was re-organised making better use of the screen real estate by placing repeated content in the sidebar and footer areas which helped to reduce the number of pages.

The colour scheme was also updated to a more modern style with the County Wills branding colours used throughout the website to highlight links, whilst the main content was kept in neutral colours making it easier to read.

N&F Wilson Construction (Updated)

N&F Wilson Construction’s website was the last website to be switched over from Drupal to WordPress. The WordPress CMS is more user friendly for the client than the Drupal interface. We have also used this as an opportunity to update the look and feel improving the testimonial area, using categories to help the customer search for similar jobs.

E. S. Walton & Sons, Probate Dept. (Updated)

E.S. Walton & Company, Probate Department’s website was moved over from a Drupal website to WordPress to take advantage of the improvements in WordPress that have occurred since the original website was produced. The overall look and feel of the website is much the same but the backend of the website is much improved for the client.

James Vaulkhard

James Vaulkhard needed a website to connect with clients, promote his workshops and classes and highlight his existing catalogue of workshop. James chose a unique style; his front page showcases over 40 images of his work whilst also acting as a gateway to his website. A contact page enables clients to engage with James and provides the location of his studio whilst the Classes and Workshops page provides a booking and payment system for his workshops. The website has been optimised for SEO and has connections to James’s social media accounts.

E R Events needed to get their website back online after problems with their previous webmaster. The website was created from scratch using the company’s existing branding to deliver a great deal of information. Sub menus in the sidebar and footer area and ‘breadcrumbs’ were added to ensure the website was easily navigable. Along with the revamp some extra functionality was added namely social media integration, a front page slider and a sign up form.

Liverpool Dermatology

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust were looking to fix and revamp their existing Liverpool Dermatology site which dated back to the 1990s. The challenge was to present a large amount of information to a varied audience in a coherent manner.

The imagery was bought up to date, maps were added for locations and the WordPress CMS was used to enable the client to update the website when staff changed.

The Allergy & Health Test Clinic were looking to updated their existing simple HTML website. The new website modernised their existing branding with a new layout, colour scheme and up to date imagery. It is now responsive to being viewed on multiple devices and incorporates the ‘Booking Bug’ booking system and a contact form. A blog has been added which publishes directly to their chosen social media. The website is used across the brand by both of their clinics – London and Berkshire.

Alexandra was looking to pull all of her social media content into one central location, highlight her career successes and to start writing her blog. Alexandra wanted a professional site with a feminine touch. The sidebar pulls in her Instagram and Twitter feeds in real time, as well as showing the social media icons to allow you to connect with Alexandra. The sidebar is present on all pages except for the multimedia ones. These pages are clean to focus attention on the videos and images. The circular image gallery sets the style for the website with the social media icons and favicon also being circular. The strong pink colour was chosen above a pastel shade to complemented with the colours in Alexandra’s photographs and the contrast of blacks and greys in the text make the site easy to read. I continue to work with Alexandra maintaining her website going forward.

As the business evolved, Skadi Limited were looking at altering their website to encourage more client interaction. The new website is part blog, part static content. The blog on the front page shows their latest ten posts with historic social media activity archived by month. The static pages now reflect the company’s key services with relevant stock pictures chosen. There is a complex tag filtering system to show only the post links that are relevant to each page rather than all of the posts. The blog publishes to Skadi Limited’s social media account in real time freeing up valuable time for the team.

The Toddling Round New York blog was my first WordPress website. I guided Alex through the process of not only building a website but creating a blog with all of the functionality that she required. Her blog automatically posts to her social media accounts and emails her subscribers when she updates it. As with most blogs comments have been enabled with a suitable level of security to encourage comments to be posted whilst preventing spam. The subtle colours, fonts, icons and layout were chosen to showcase the unique sketch photograph imagery used by Toddling Round New York. Email and hosting were set up and I will be managing the website going forward.

The Skadi Limited website was my first website in the financial services sector. I worked with Nicolas to build a website that reflected the existing branding and assisted with a simple logo. The website features some complex CSS to ensure the branding is consistent across multiple versions of the internet browsers in common usage. The images that were supplied were manipulated to create a uniform size and look. Website hosting and email was set up. I will be maintaining their website going forward.

N&F Wilson Construction required a website to showcase their longstanding construction business, with particular emphasis on cellar and basement conversions. As the quality of workmanship is important to Neil and his customers, I implemented a number of slideshows to showcase a variety of his projects. Neil had an historic web address but no website so I helped him to choose a more current domain name and a suitable hosting provider. I migrated the web address to show the updated website. I also worked with Neil to update his entry on listing websites and ensure his website is returned high in web searches.

E.S. Walton & Sons, Probate Department

The website for the Probate Department at E.S. Walton & Company Ltd was my first commercial project. Emma wanted a website that reflected the sensitive nature of her work. The website has specific sections to help her clients understand probate and how Emma can help them. Emma did not have an existing website so I arranged hosting for the site and continue to maintain it for her.